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Tires and Run Flat Replacement Program

We usually have wheel and tire sets complete with run flats ready to ship, we ship them out, you swap them on to your Armored vehicle and send us your existing set back! Read below for more information.

Contact with a photo of your armored vehicle to get a quote.

Not sure if you need new tires? Here's how to check your vehicle's tires for dry cracking/damage/chopping:

Tread Cracks - Use a flashlight and thoroughly check in between the tread all the way around the circumference of each tire. Sometimes they will have heavy cracking in one spot, as that's where they may have sat on the ground for an extended period when the MRAP was parked in storage. If you see checking/cracking in between the tread or on the sidewalls, we recommend taking the MRAP out of service until the tires are replaced.

Sidewall Cracks - Check the sidewalls carefully for any cracks. They are usually found near the rim or in the middle of the sidewalls. Sidewall cracking is very dangerous! If sidewall cracks exist, we recommend taking the MRAP out of service until the tires are replaced.

Chopping - Look down the tread of your tires and check to see if there is any uneven wear or "chopping"—when some lugs may appear to be shorter than others. This is often caused by running them underinflated or due to bad alignment.

Continuing to drive on tires that are cracked or damaged can result in a catastrophic situation:


If you've determined you need new tires for your MRAP,  you need to get the run flats transferred!

What's a run flat?

A run flat is a 200 lb. solid rubber donut inside a tire that prevents your armored vehicle from rolling over in the event of a blow out or a flat. A run flat also enables the vehicle to still be driven at low speeds when a tire is compromised. 

Transferring run flats is very important but it's not easy. Furthermore, it requires a very large specialized hydraulic machine. Aside from the military, SWATMOD is the only known option available to make this transfer happen.

If you care about safety,

you MUST get your run flats transferred.

20191102_150401 (Large).jpg

Run Flat inserts are a HIGHLY recommended on armored vehicles due to the weight and high center of gravity of these vehicles, most people shrug these inserts off and think they are not needed because they don't foresee their tires getting shot out or compromised, although straying mobile during a life or death mission is important - that is not the main reason to have run flats - avoiding a catastrophic rollover at 65 mph is the primary reason to have run flat inserts installed on your armored vehicle.

20220131_123749 (Large) (1).jpg
20230522_175650 (Large).jpg

Here's a look at our machine doing some of the hard work!

Wheel assembly replacement program:

We have wheel/tire assemblies complete with run flats installed for most armored vehicle variants pre-assembled and ready to go on a pallet for quick turnaround for you! We strive to keep costs down by utilizing excellent condition new old stock tires, but we can certainly install brand new tires if your agency has the budget for it!


We will ship a set of wheels/tires (complete with run flats!) to you, and you send your old set back to us. We can arrange the shipping, or you can handle it on your own if you prefer.

This way we can ensure that they are assembled correctly with new rim insert O-rings and valve stems if needed. we then leak test them for a week to ensure a hassle-free exchange.

Contact with a photo of your armored vehicle to get a quote.

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