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We have been in the custom fabrication industry for over 10 years, and over the last few years we have been dabbling with a variety of surplus military vehicles. We have gained extensive knowledge on how to repair a wide range of mechanical and electrical issues and where to acquire quality OEM parts. We have also transported a variety of large vehicles all over the nation with no issues. Let us take care of that for you as well if you are interested in utilizing our "Fresh from DLA" program.


The sky is the limit, we have taken on some fairly large projects over the years and have never let a client down yet! We can do anything and everything to improve the safety and versatility of your specialty vehicles.


Please do not hesitate to contact us with your needs as we stay busy and it is normal for us to be 20-30 days out (exceptions can be made in certain situations). We are very strict with our deadlines and do absolutely everything in our power to stay true to our word, even though sometimes materials do not come as scheduled (which is out of our control). We have yet to miss a deadline! 


We stand behind our work and will resolve any issues (if there ever is an issue) with our modifications.  Therefore, we use high quality materials and reliable products that stand up to heavy use.


We can do it all, and we welcome any challenge that is thrown at us! No job is too big for SWATMOD.

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