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Client Reviews

"SWATMOD was able to customize our vehicle to make it fit our needs and purposes. I would recommend them. They do quality work and have the flexibility to customize it to your needs."


Sgt. Jay Dingmann

Benton County Sheriff's Office (MN)

"SWATMOD (has done) MRAP service, paint, ram, windows, etc... for us. They did a great job. It has been a reliable vehicle for us, the ram has been used several times. They are a great group. We also like the on site service plans!"

Det. Sgt. Kent Bauman

Kandiyohi Co. Sheriffs Office (MN)

"SWATMOD has modified multiple armored vehicles, buses, sprinter vans and Polaris MRZR's for our agency. Not only did SWATMOD complete our vision but overwhelmingly surpassed expectations in each project we have completed.  For example, Nathan and his team completed gun ports on our MRAP which exceeded expectations - and shortly after completion these ports became a valuable tool in an extremely high risk situation. SWATMOD is ideal for "demilitarizing" military equipment and re-equipping vehicles for urban or rural police tactics.  Practical modifications placed on these former military vehicles enhance the safety of tactical operators.  A recent operation put our vehicles and equipment through a 36 hour test.  SWATMODS modifications being utilized by highly trained personnel saved lives.  I am aware of no other business that can deliver what SWATMOD can to the law enforcement tactical community. I highly recommend SWATMOD to any agency seeking to improve existing tactical vehicles or newly acquired armored vehicles. Thank you Nathan and your team for choosing the St. Cloud area as your home base. Your business is vital to law enforcement and the communities they protect."

Commander Martin Sayre

St. Cloud Police Department (MN)

"SWATMOD was able to successfully do the inspections and maintenance on an armored vehicle model that they had never seen before with little hassle or fanfare. They worked with us on timely solutions for problems that came up and got it done for a reasonable price. They were also been able to make customizations and modifications that worked for our needs based on the equipment we had available, and again, at a reasonable price for their services. We are able to use this vehicle in a variety of roles to give us some flexibility in our operations (Transport, barricaded suspect shelter, medevac, fire department rescue assist, etc) as opposed to just using it for transport. SWATMOD exists because it is a business but the staff are law enforcement supporters and their goal is to also support us in helping us get our jobs done. They do quality work, stand behind it and will take care of it if something goes wrong."

Sgt. Mike Whitaker

Anoka Police Department (MN)

"All the modifications that we have had done are for one reason and that's safety. (SWATMOD's) modifications help us to stay safe while accomplishing the mission. The modifications helped us to fit more officers in the vehicle when its 30 below and it has helped us to be able to get eyes in a structure without giving up officer's safety. It has helped us by breaching a doorway or window without having to leave the safety of the vehicle. It has helped us by lighting up a scene. The modifications are priceless. SWATMOD is the founder of design and invention when it comes to armored vehicle up-fitting. SWATMOD has always put the officer's safety first and the novelty of their conceptions and creation is first class. They get things done and done right."

Chief Deputy Nathan Brecht,

Pope County Sheriff's Office (MN)

"Great job on the MRAP! The SWAT guys and the city enjoy seeing the MRAP.  Call Nathan (at SWATMOD), he is great to work with and stands by his work."


Chief David Birk

City of Middletown Police Department (OH)

"SWATMOD did a complete gut out and start up of an MRAP for us.  Mechanical, cameras, lights, paint job, side ramps. SWATMOD is easy to work with and are always coming up with new ideas. They are the only place around that can handle the work!"

Gary Kroells, Director of Public Safety

West Hennepin Public Safety Department (MN)

"Our Armor has changed the way we do business. Extremely satisfied. (SWATMOD was) absolutely easy to work with. I felt like

I was their only client. A very professional company to work with.

Loved the experience."

Captain Jason Riggs

Beltrami County Sheriff's Office (MN)

"Outstanding work!

We can see out the windows!

I absolutely recommend SWATMOD.

(They are) very easy to work with, Nate and Brianna are awesome!!"


Mike Dale

South Dakota Highway Patrol

"SWATMOD's glass repair allows operators to see and operate safely.

They were very easy to schedule and completed the work in a timely manner. Very easy to work with!" 

Tom Green County Sheriff's Office,

San Angelo, Texas

"SWATMOD did a new tire install and overall inspection. They definitely provided for a safer vehicle for my staff and citizens.The staff of SWATMOD have been nothing but helpful and attentive to our needs. Super to work with!!! Without hesitation I would recommend SWATMOD for mechanical work and up-fitting needs."

Chief Marc C. Farrer

Pendleton Police Department (IN)

"SWATMOD worked on our delaminated windows. I can see out the windshield now. Nate was very easy to work with and the work that him and his staff do is exceptional. (They are) always willing to answer questions and help work through

any problems."

Lt. Jimmy Courtney

Hope Police Department (AR)

"They delivered everything they promised and did so with great service.

The entire SWATMOD team was a dream to work with. Everything was completely seamless from the first phone call of inquiry about work to the final billing process. No 'hidden costs' were ever revealed and the work they performed was exactly what they said they would do. They're a top notch, professional group of people who know what they're doing. Nate and Brianna were always easy to reach and returned phone calls in a prompt manner. This is a company who knows the world of armored vehicles -- and in today's law enforcement world, it's becoming an ever-increasing need."

Lt. Eric Hunter

Washington County Sheriff's Office (OH)

"The work quality of the that SWATMOD did on our vehicle is top notch. They did a complete build out of our Cougar making it more practical for use as a SWAT armored vehicle. All of the staff is easy to work with and met all of our needs. The finished vehicle surpassed our expectations and I know that the members of our team will be better protected because of the work and modifications done by Nate and his team. I highly recommend SWATMOD for modification to your MRAP."


Sgt. Chris Washburn

Belvidere Police Department (IL)

"I spoke with Nathan about what we wanted for our MRAP and it turned out perfect. Nathan arranged for the pick up and drop off and the work was done as quick as he quoted. (We are now) able to use the vehicle for more then just moving people around. The mods have allowed us to use the vehicle in many ways to assist in ending dangerous situations. We also used SWATMOD for a service call for a door that was not working. SWATMOD traveled 4 hours to get the door working."

Brad Ziegler

Aberdeen Police Department (SD)

"SWATMOD arrived in the morning at my location with all the gear and tools needed for the repair. By the end of the day all four windows that were contracted to be serviced were completed and just as clear if not better than the OEM product. With our SWAT operations and high water rescue deployments, our MRAP is back in service and ready to be deployed. Whereas before the work the vehicle was being dead lined due to the driver having difficulty seeing through the cloudy delaminated glass. SWATMOD's customer service and communication were top notch, we communicated via text, e-mail and phone calls. All my questions were answered in a quick timeframe and thorough manner. When the scheduled repair day came around it was easy because all my questions had been answered and we were prepared. The work/product, customer service and contact were top notch. I could not ask for a better outcome of the interaction I had with this business."

Sgt. Chad Mumbauer

Lakeland Police Department (FL)

"Our humvee was shipped from DLA to SWATMOD.  SWATMOD made the necessary modifications and paint to make the vehicle ready for operations. They have assisted us on numerous occasions in troubleshooting issues we have had with our vehicles. Yes, I would recommend SWATMOD. They are the only shop in the area that is

capable of working on

armored vehicles." 

Chief Deputy Neal Jacobson

Benton County Sheriff's Office (MN)

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