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Tactical Telehandler

We got creative and noticed a need for something different in the tactical/rescue industry, so we decided to make an investment of our time and capital to build the Tactical Telehandler concept. This unit has a wide range of new capabilities that you can bring to a situation/mission, most of which you cannot even comprehend yet as it hasn't existed until now...

Add this option to your tactical toolbox! We are currently working with several local agencies to launch this product, if you'd like to learn more about what we are offering, please do not hesitate to reach out to discuss the opportunity further!

A day may come where this will be the only solution...


Operation Uses:

Mobile overwatch virtually anywhere:

Put an operator 40 feet in the air at any location to have a heightened advantage over a situation or to have a bird's eye view during a rescue mission. This can also serve as overwatch at large events such as sports games, concerts and community engagement get togethers.

Light up the scene:

Turn nighttime into daytime with the use of several high-powered LED lights on the top of the personnel carrier. This will not only give your team an advantage and help assist in rescuing civilians in need, but it will also confuse and disorient potential threats as well.

Access taller structures/buildings:

This equipment adds the ability to breach apartment buildings from the 3rd or 4th floor which can drastically improve the tactical advantage and or rescue strategy.

Gas Deployment Attachment:

With the use of our other attachment, you can safely distribute CS gas and smoke into areas that you were never able to before (through the roof, 3rd or 4th story walls, etc). Our Gas deployment system arrests the flame and spark of these devices which prevents setting a fire to the structure when deploying gas.

Grapple Attachment:

With the use of our grapple attachment, you can easily open up a roof or wall to rescue trapped civilians or to give line of site to a barricaded individual. This attachment can also clear debri or vehicles from a scene as well as place items strategically to offer cover or to barricade access.


Equipment Capabilities:


With speeds of around 30 MPH this unit can get to a scene within a reasonable amount of time. If a situation calls for the tactical telehandler, chances are time is no longer an issue.

6000 lb lifting capacity:

This equipment adds the ability to breach apartment buildings from the 3rd or 4th floor which can drastically improve the tactical advantage and or rescue strategy.

Extreme Hydraulic Power:

The hydraulic system on this vehicle is extremely powerful and can be used in a multitude of ways to help with your mission. You can use it for anything from relocating vehicles to opening up structures.

Extremely maneuverable and capable:

With locking all-wheel drive and 4x4x4 steering capabilities you can crab walk and 4-wheel steer into the tightest areas in both urban and rural situations. Not much can stop these machines when it comes to the machine tilt function combined with the AWD and 4x4x4 steering system.


Schedule a DEMO

If you would like to see/experience this unique piece of equipment firsthand you are welcome to come up and we will give you a demo of it, just reach out and we will schedule a time that works for your team.

We are actively putting on training events with the Tactical Telehandler so agencies can get some hands-on experience with the vehicle to see its capabilities for consideration on upcoming scenarios/operations. contact us to get on the Tactical Telehandler mailing list to stay up to date on opportunities that may arise as well as the concepts progress.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that we would like to add/upgrade this vehicle in many ways but since we are self-funding the project we are limited on time and capital. We certainly welcome any and all feedback and criticism but please understand that we already have a lot of ideas that we would like to incorporate once the project gains traction.

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