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Full MRAP refinishing to coating parts, we can handle it!

Paint and Finishing Services

SWATMOD has made significant investments into equipment to properly prepare and coat our products to give them the best corrosion protection possible for a long lasting, durable finish.

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Sand Blasting

We have a large industrial sand blasting operation here at SWATMOD, preparing steel correctly is the main process in applying a durable finish. Everything we create in the shop gets sand blasted before going to paint to ensure quality and long lasting durability.

The Process...

Step 1: Sand Blast
Step 2: Clean
Step 3: Primer
Step 4: Paint
Step 5: Inspect


We offer several finishing services:

Sand Blasting
Industrial Paint
Powder Coating
Rubber Coating

Start Now

We got you covered...

From painting our products to complete MRAP refinishing projects, we have the equipment and expert staff to ensure a quality, long lasting finish to your products/vehicles.

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