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Over the last few years we have seen an increased need for armored vehicle training due to the fact that these vehicles are becoming more commonplace and also the fact that they are being utilized for more operations as well as community events.


When it comes to operating them on road as well as off, no one has more experience than the crew here at SWATMOD. We have new vehicles coming in weekly, many of which are just being acquired - Part of the service we offer on these newly acquired vehicles is drive time to eliminate any issues that come naturally with a vehicle that has been sitting unused for several years. With that being said, we have logged an extreme amount of time and miles in various conditions, terrains, and roadways.

If given the chance we take every opportunity to attend a ride along on a SWAT operation. Beyond that we have attended various other certified armored vehicle courses including Military to expand our knowledge and credibility operating these vehicles so that we could eventually offer the best in armored vehicle training around.

If you are interested in learning about our lesson plan or would like to schedule a training day for your team please email our training department!

If you would like the full course outline, more information, or to set up a training date, 
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