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How to Get a Truck?

The most common question we are asked at SWATMOD is

“how much does it cost to buy one of those trucks?”  

Would you believe your department can get an MRAP/HMMWV

for “free”-- the department only needs to pay the cost of shipping? 

Yes, seriously

These military vehicles come from the 1033 program – a federal program that reutilizes excess military property for use by law enforcement – everything from office furniture to medical supplies to computers and yes, even armored vehicles. Law enforcement agencies do not pay for any of this excess property, but they do have to

pay for shipping the items.

For potential access to acquire these items, your police or sheriff’s department has to first get involved with the 1033 program. To do that, find your state’s coordinator for the 1033 program here: 

State Coordinator Locator Map

Once in the program, your department will have access to review (online) the excess DoD inventory that is available for law enforcement. Your department can then make requests for said property

through your state coordinator. 

Remember, law enforcement agencies do not pay for the property, but must pay for shipping the items. Also, please note that all excess DoD property is shipped "as is," and the law enforcement agency is responsible for all costs associated with acquisition, maintenance, and costs to return the property when it is no longer needed. 



Can I get whatever truck I want?

You can only choose from the trucks that are available from the 1033 program at the time you’re looking, and that depends on what the DoD has released. It can take some patience to get the vehicle your department is looking for.

What truck is best for my department?

SWATMOD is more than happy to discuss the needs of your department as it relates to the available vehicles on the 1033 program.

Our department wants an armored vehicle. However, we are concerned our community will view it as negative or too “militaristic”. Any tips on how to “sell” the idea?

Armored vehicles from the military can (and have) serve(d) many communities as a rescue vehicle. These vehicles can go through weather and terrain that other vehicles can’t, which means they can get to people that other vehicles can’t. These vehicles can even ford water, which makes them extremely helpful in areas of flooding. Many departments have found them extremely helpful in natural disasters.

It’s also important to note that an armored vehicle from the military is just an armored vehicle. Armored means bullet-resistant, it does not mean armed. (Clearly, your officers are armed, but that is apart from the vehicle. Additionally, your department may decide to do upgrades to the vehicle you receive, but that is apart from the original vehicle that is sent.)


Getting an MRAP through the 1033 program does not mean you have secured a “giant tank with bombs and high-powered guns.” You’re simply getting an armored vehicle -- which, in the situations law enforcement find themselves in today, is often necessary for officer safety.

Check out our Why Your Department Needs an Armored Vehicle page for more information.

I’ve got a truck coming from the 1033 program! Do you know someone who can get it up and running?

SWATMOD is available to look over your new truck at your department. We travel the country doing service calls and repairs, and can be available to stop and look at your truck to discuss what work it needs now and in the future.

As another option, you can have your new truck shipped right to SWATMOD’s shop in St. Cloud, Minnesota – an especially smart option if you already know it’s going to need work before being put in operation. Either way, we can check it over and let you know our recommendation for the best course of action and go from there. 

We’ve got a truck, but have many things we’d like changed or added so it’s more useful for our department’s needs. Who do we call?

SWATMOD thrives on taking your ideas and making them a reality. Check out our Services and Photos tabs to see what we've done in the past. No project or idea is too big for SWATMOD! We'd love to hear your ideas and see how we can make them a reality for your department’s vehicle.


This is a big truck. What if I can’t drive this thing?

SWATMOD offers multiple training courses that will teach you how to drive your armored vehicle. We offer these training sessions at our shop course in St. Cloud, but can also come to your department, anywhere in the country. For more information about the courses we offer, visit our Training tab.

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