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Storage Solution Systems

We have received many requests for storage solutions in SWAT vehicles such as Command Post Vans and MRAPs,

as well as squad cars. We continue to innovate various ways to store everything from arms and ammunition to CMV weight scales. Whether you need a fleet of squads outfitted with rear storage systems including adjustable cantilever racking (allows for spare tire/wiring to be accessed), or you just need a small custom storage box made, we have you covered!

So far we have custom built storage to secure:



Ballistic Gear

Litter Mounting

Medical Equipment

Specialty Equipment Kits

Dog Kennel

Accident Kits


Breaching Equipment

Flash Bang/Gas Grenade Boxes

Explosive Magazine Box (ATF Approved)

Drone UAS/UAV Deployment with TV!

Call with your ideas and dimensions and we will create a CAD drafted model for you so you can see exactly what we will engineer/fabricate for you.

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