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Gas Deployment Ram

Gas Deployment Interior View

Gas Deployment Interior View

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Our gas/smoke deployment ram was designed and engineered to be the first heavy duty wireless system that allows you to safely deploy up to four smoke and/or CS gas canisters into an opening or structure.

We have developed our gas/smoke deployment ram to be utilized with our hydraulic breaching ram system that will utilize the truck's air system. This eliminates the need for any wiring to the unit, which adds dependability to the system.

Our completely wireless controlled gas/smoke deployment ram is easy to set up, and canisters can be quickly changed out once used.  Chemicals travel through multiple chambers to ensure all flames and sparks are contained and arrested.  Our design makes disassembling and cleaning the device just as easy as using it.

The gas/smoke deployment ram is fabricated from steel and is powder coated making it very sturdy and durable.