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Annual Training Courses
 located at SWATMOD in St. Cloud , MN

SWATMOD offers POST certified armored vehicle operations training.

Our courses are held at our facility in St. Cloud, MN

Our training sessions not only educate on the operation and hazards of operating armored vehicles but also on preventive driving skills/habits and maintenance knowledge to avoid costly mechanical situations and repairs. This is one of those situations where the product certainly pays for itself!

For 2024 we are planning to host one big training event.

-Multi-day event

-Different Course options.

-Each day may focus on a different MRAP Variant.

-In depth vehicle care and PMC.

-Best safety practices.

-Heavy vehicle driving techniques.


-Tactical deployment.

-Potential live fire scenarios.

-Possible guest appearance!

-Prevent accidents/injury/death.

-Reduce liability/accountability.

-Instill operator confidence/competence.

Dates are to be determined (May - July).

Feel free to contact us with any input you have based on past training events as we are focusing on offering top quality and professionalism at our events.

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General class information:

Our MRAP driver training includes time in the classroom, vehicle course driving instruction, and drive time on both our on-road and off-road courses.


Course Timeline and Instruction Outline:

Class sizes usually consist of 15 to 25 personnel

Depending on the class size, a typical day of training is 8-10 hours, which includes a 1-hour lunch break.

  • Classroom instruction (includes full PowerPoint presentation)

  • MRAP knowledge training (vehicle walk-around)

  • Closed course driving (forward, backing, acceleration/deceleration, braking, parking, etc.)

  • On road driving experience (rural roads, light traffic, lane placement, curves)

  • Off road driving experience (hills, terrain, side grades, etc.)

  • End of day driver exam/knowledge test.

Not from the area?
We can bring training to YOU.
Check out our On-Site Training options

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